Dating delivers a new “social twist” on gay dating websites

Dating these days has become soothing of a competitive sport. And to win you need to have an edge or something amazing, a wow factor if you will, to come on top and grab the top prize. At least that’s what I used to think before I met a wonderful man by the name of Richard. He showed me there was someone out there who wanted me just for being me, and thanks to I was able to find this wonderful man.

My name is John, and I happened to have found my other half in this wide world thanks to an online dating site, and I would like to take this moment to share with you a few words about my experience. Things started off less than a year ago while I was still single and a bit cynical about the whole dating scene. I tried going on blind dates, speed dating, anything and everything. But things never got passed a certain point in my relationships. And after a while, those unsuccessful relationships start making you doubt yourself, and then you try to find out if there is something inherently wrong with you that makes you “not relationship material”.

Anyway, I met a friend one night who just had a splendid date the other day. After retelling it, he insisted I try out the dating site he had used. While I did use some online gay dating sites before with poor results I was willing to give it a try. I found them via their Facebook page and hit their website. The registration process was very straightforward. You just fill in your valid information and you have an account free of charge. The way works is that it finds matches based on the interests you’ve selected ranging from books, movies, sports and so on. When you fill out your profile you can browse people’s profiles and if you’ve added your personal picture you can also view other people’s pictures and albums.

The guys on AllMale didn’t look half bad either. Once I had filled all the necessary information I had dozens of studs with similar interests on my screen. I got and sent various messages. There were one or two incidents of horn dogs just looking for a booty call, but I was looking for that. And after a few days I found Richard. We both liked traveling, the Star Wars movies and shared a great love of the theater. After few weeks of chatting via AllMale, we found out we had much more in common and decided to go out on a date. We hit it off beautifully. Eight months later we were already living together and looking forward to taking on life together. If you are looking for an all male gay dating site to find that special someone, I recommend All male gay dating site. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find the man of your dreams like I did.

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