5 effective ways to please any customer

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It is quite true that a happy customer means return business and a lasting relationship. As an escort you are going to find it quite challenging to please every customer and satisfy them. However, making your customers happy is very important and this article offers you 5 useful tips to please almost every customer you encounter.

  1. Courteous Introduction

It takes dedication and mastery to please customers in the adult entertainment industry, but it all begins with a good booking experience. Start off your customer on the right foot and give them a warm introduction when they call to make a booking.

  1. Be flexible

Secondly, customers appreciate when you can fit into their schedules. When the customer calls or writes to ask you for an appointment it is a chance for you to impress them. Create room for them by offering a degree of flexibility to build anticipation and appreciation for them choosing to do business with you over your competition.

  1. Communication

Thirdly, customers appreciate communication a lot. Give the customer your full attention and answer their questions candidly to the best of your ability and find a way to compromise and fulfill their desires.  Customers appreciate being valued and VIP treatment even though it is just customer care service over the phone. Take the time to repeat and verify what the customer is asking even it means repeating what they are saying.

  1. Read the customer’s body language

Once you have the customer come over for your date with them, it is quite important to observe them and respond to their body language accordingly. While most customers are bold and come out strongly about what they want, they are things you can only tell from their body language. If you are serving a first-time customer, you can easily tell how he likes being pleasured and how much he can take or what it takes to satisfy him. Reading body language is also important to gauge how open and intimate the client is willing ti get and what desires or part of the pleasuring he enjoys. Thus, being focusing on what excites them most; you are going to fully please him.

  1. Follow up on your promises

When discussing the details of escort services you are going to provide, do not just mention items that are not going to be part of the date. However, if you do mention or promise escort-service items that you intend to provide, follow up with the client during the session and keep your promise. Pamper him and make him feel overly pleasured.

  1. Compliment your client

Although compliments are naturally expected to come from the client to you, taking the privilege to lavish your client with compliments will thrill him endlessly.  It is natural for human beings to appreciate compliments and the feeling that comes with flattery always clears self-doubts and self-esteem issues. Thus, the gesture will natural make him pleased with you and feel good about themselves.

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